Still in it's infancy stage, Bring Meaning to Life is striving to make the world a better place, one life at a time.   BMTL recognizes that by helping others, we help ourselves because we're all connected.  Unhappiness, anger and stress is highly correlated to violence, pain, illness, and dis-ease.  Therefore, we're dedicated to helping improve happiness and gratitude to increase the ease and joy of living, in hopes to bring positive change to the world.   


Bring Meaning to Life will continuously donate to those in need.  We raise money by selling short inspirational chapters & lessons designed to remind you of what truly matters...and help nourish your soul and increase feelings of happiness and gratitude.  When you increase your happiness, you increase the happiness of those around you...which will improve the lives around them, and so on - starting a ripple effect.  Bring Meaning to Life's goal of changing and improving the world is an attainable goal!  Help be part of the change you wish to see.  For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can purchase a chapter that will hopefully not only enrich your life and the lives of those around you, but you'll also be contributing to help someone in need! 

Check out our 'projects' section to see what we're currently helping with, working on and raising money for. In addition to helping people/families in crisis, Bring Meaning to Life also intends to bring hope, food & clothing to the homeless, and bring love and care to abused/neglected children.  All in all, Bring Meaning to life hopes to help bring change to the world.  Let's make a difference TODAY! 

*Regardless of whether you decide to purchase a chapter, please contribute by sharing this website and spreading love & compassion throughout the world.  We are all connected.  <3 Thanks! 

                           LEARN WHAT WE DO

                           LEARN WHAT WE DO


Our thoughts help create our reality.  In order to improve your world, you must first change the way you view it.  Start focusing on all the positive and good things in your life, and be thankful for them...and more will come.  We're all connected and our energy and feelings permeate all around us.  So, when you improve your life, you help improve the lives of those around you.  There's a domino effect.  Get in the chain, TODAY!  

A lot lot of us have lost sight of what truly matters, and why we are here.  This site will not only give you the answer to 'the meaning of life', but will also guide you on how to improve your life.  It will re-mind you of you of what you already know deep inside.  We provide meaningful lessons and specific tips, that will start you on the path to transforming your world, today! 

Learn some LIFE lessons today, and start changing the way you think...and watch your world transform in miraculous ways! 

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                          INCREASE THE FLOW    Learn how to increase the flow of love and happiness into your life.  Strengthen your inner being and nourish your soul       by reading some short LIFE lessons, and take the next steps on your beautiful new journey, today!    

                          INCREASE THE FLOW

   Learn how to increase the flow of love and happiness into your life.  Strengthen your inner being and nourish your soul       by reading some short LIFE lessons, and take the next steps on your beautiful new journey, today!




Approximately 11 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer - advanced stage, prognosis ‘not good’...but kicked it's @ss; I believe primarily through the power of thoughts through prayer and positive thinking. 

Obviously cancer affected my life in negative ways.  However, it also affected my life in extremely positive ways.  Sometimes ‘bad’ things happen for ‘good’ reasons.  I learned some incredible things while facing death, as it catapulted me into a divine awareness of the appreciation and meaning of life, and what truly matters.  During my fight, in addition to conventional medicine, prayer, and positive thinking, I also practiced holistic approaches to medicine including meditation and Reiki; and because of some 'unexplained' healing experiences, I went on to learn about, and become a Reiki Master.  Throughout everything, I experienced the power of God and/or the Universe.   And regardless of what you want to call 'it', there absolutely is a force greater than us. 

    In addition to my own prior experience with ‘dis’ease, I’ve witnessed first hand, throughout my 20 years in health care, that thoughts/feelings affect progress and outcome.  Negative thoughts/feelings (stress, anger, sadness etc.) prolong the healing process…and could possibly be the reason for the pain/illness in the first place.  So, in addition to conventional medicine, a person should consider evaluating and healing other aspects of their lives that affect their happiness and emotional well being.  I hope to have a chapter available soon with tips and insight on how to help with that in LIFE's lessons section of this website. Check back often, as we plan on adding and evolving.  I'm also hoping to have updates and info more available on social media, so please find and like us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media provided below.

One very important lesson that was thrust upon me during my cancer experience, is to live in the moment because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.  D-day (diagnosis day) started like any other 'normal' day, until my world crashed down.  So start appreciating the ‘little’ things - which are truly the 'big' things.  Love is all that matters.  This is not a practice life, so make each day count.  Stop and 'smell the roses', and other flowers whenever they're around.  Recognize that money isn’t everything and no matter how much you have, it can’t buy precious moments or time.  Time to watch your children grow or read them a story.  Time to admire the brilliance of the sunrise, or listen to birds sing.  Time to see the glistening of stars or the glowing radiance of the moon.  Time to work less and love more. Stop sweating the small stuff, and appreciate the big stuff…which is Love, family, friends and all the magnificent beauty in this world.  Understand that whatever you put out into the world, is what you'll receive; so be kind.  To learn more about my story, check out How it started and LIFE's lessons sections.  Live well! :)