Let LOVE lead in all you do - LOVE your neighbor as yourself.


If you want to bring more meaning into your life and improve your world, help someone else. There is no greater gift than to give to others :)

Bring Meaning to Life a.k.a. ‘People Helping Other People’ is a, not for profit, organization that dreams of creating heaven on earth by helping others and spreading love. Still in the beginning stages, primarily we are focusing on helping children; however we have, and will continue to help anyone who experiencing any kind of crisis; whether it be homelessness, hunger, abuse, illness, etc. If you want to instantly lift your spirits, be kind and give to someone else. When we help others, not only do we increase their happiness and well being, but we also bring more meaning and joy into our own lives. Our ultimate goal is to…change the world! :)


If all do a little, we accomplish something BIG! Our dreams are attainable!


Our goal is to help make a difference, and ‘be part of the change’ we hope to see in the world.  We are striving to spread more love and happiness to others. It has been proven that thoughts and emotions affect one’s well being. By improving the happiness of others, we increase our own happiness…because we're all connected :) We contribute time, money, and necessities (clothing, toys, food, etc.) to those in need. We raise money by selling goods on our website (everything we do or sell is dedicated to spreading feelings of love, happiness and gratitude). Presently we sell jewelry and short, inspirational stories to raise your spirit and improve feelings of love and gratitude; and remind you of what truly matters. Every purchase goes toward helping others and GROWING LOVE.  Life and Love are precious gifts, that no amount of money can buy; and neither should ever be taken for granted. We are also currently in the process of designing our own 'Love and Gratitude' totes, clothing, etc. Check out our LOVE AND GRATITUDE section and please check back regularly for new information and items.  Everything we do is with the emphasis and intentions of extending Love to all, for the greater good of humanity.  

Check out our 'projects' section to see what we've been up to. In addition to helping people/families in crisis, Bring Meaning to Life intends to bring hope, food & clothing to the homeless, and bring love and toys to abused/neglected children…and animals (we all need Love :) All in all, Bring Meaning to life hopes to help bring change and more joy to the world.  Let's make a difference!  Together, we can bring Heaven to earth!

*Please do your part by simply spreading kindness, love & compassion to others.  We are all connected.  <3

REFLECTION - If you love others as you love yourself, there would be Heaven on earth.

REFLECTION - If you love others as you love yourself, there would be Heaven on earth.

THE CHANGE STARTS WITHIN - In order to improve your world, you must first change the way you view it.  Focus on all the blessings and good things in your life, and be thankful for them; and more will come.  We're all connected and our energy and feelings permeate all around us.  So, when you improve your life, you improve the lives of those around you — which improves the lives around them, and so on…starting a ripple effect.  Bring Meaning To Life’s goal of changing the world is an attainable goal! Help be part of the change, and get in the chain today! Kindness matters!!

A lot lot of us have lost sight of what truly matters, and why we are here.  The inspirational chapters on this site will not only give you the answer to 'the meaning of life', but will also guide you on how to improve your life.  It will re-mind you of you of what you already know deep inside.  Check out the ‘Love and Gratitude’ section where we chapters available for digital download, that will start you on the path to transforming your life and making our world a better place.

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Click here to increase the flow of love and happiness   Strengthen your inner being and nourish your soul by reading some short inspirational chapters on how to improve your life and our world. Start the beautiful journey now and check out the Love and Gratitude section.

Click here to increase the flow of love and happiness

Strengthen your inner being and nourish your soul by reading some short inspirational chapters on how to improve your life and our world. Start the beautiful journey now and check out the Love and Gratitude section.


Approximately 11 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer - advanced stage, prognosis ‘not good’. After surgery, and over six months of chemotherapy, I kicked it's @ss!  The fight was long and hard, and my strength and faith were tested. But I never lost hope…and as most people on their ‘death bed’ do, I called on a higher power and turned to the healing power of prayer, belief and positive thinking. 

Obviously cancer affected my life in negative ways.  However, it also affected my life in extremely positive ways.  Sometimes ‘bad’ things happen for ‘good’ reasons.  Facing death catapulted me into a divine awareness of the meaning of life, and the only thing that truly matters.  

In addition to conventional medicine, as previously stated, I also practiced holistic approaches to healing including meditation, positive thinking and prayer.  Throughout everything, I experienced a Divine connection to God, the Universe, and all living things. And regardless of whether you believe, or what you call ‘it’, there is a force greater than us! Guaranteed, when your time comes, you will know this to be absolute Truth. If you’re battling an illness and would like to contact me for help and support and ways to increase your strength and power, email me at ‘kelly@bringmeaningotlife.com’.

    In addition to my own prior experience with ‘dis’ease, I’ve witnessed first hand, throughout my 20 years in health care, that thoughts/feelings affect progress and outcome.  Negative thoughts/feelings (stress, anger, sadness etc.) prolong the healing process…and could possibly be the reason for the pain/illness in the first place.   Our emotional state affects our health and well being. How we feel inside also affects how we treat others. When we are filled with love and happiness, we are kind to others. When we are angry or sad, we tend to be less patient and kind. So it is very important to focus on increasing feelings of love and happiness in ourselves, for our own well being, as well as others. I hope to have a chapter available soon with tips and insight on how to help with that in the ‘Love and Gratitude’ section of this website. Check back often, as we plan on adding and evolving.  Soon we also hope to have regular updates available on social media, so please like click on the links below to like us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media.

One very important lesson that was thrust upon me during my fight, is to live in the moment because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.  D-day (diagnosis day) started like any other 'normal' day…until the world stopped with one sentence.  When is your D-day?? No one lives forever. Today is the day to start appreciating the ‘little’ things; which actually are the BIG things.  Love is all that matters.  Make each day count; this is not a practice life.  Money isn’t everything. No matter how much you have, it can’t buy precious moments, or time.  Time to watch your children grow or read them a story.  Time to admire the brilliance of the sunrise, or listen to birds sing.  Time to see the glistening of stars or the glowing radiance of the moon.  Time to work less... and Love more. Stop sweating the small stuff, and appreciate the big stuff; which is Love, family, friends and all the magnificent beauty in this world.  Understand that what you put out, is what you get back; so be kind…and spread Love.  To learn more about my story and fight with death, check out ‘How it started’ and ‘Love and Gratitude’ sections.  Live well! :) 

                 Contact us:  info@bringmeaningtolife.com