While on what I thought was my 'death bed', as I wrote a goodbye love letter to my one year old daughter, I experienced a sudden ‘explosion’ of light.  The only way to describe it was like an intense, vibrational, camera flash with an instant, incredibly vivid picture.   But it was much more than a ‘picture’…it was a distinct feeling…an ABSOLUTE KNOWING that was felt to the core of my being.  Immediately everything was clear...and I suddenly knew the meaning of life, and why we are here.   It's time for you to know...so you can start improving your world, and bringing more meaning to your life, now!

Recently I read about a friend from high school who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.  Not only did she lose her breasts and hair, but also her job, her house, and her health insurance...all while literally fighting for her life.  A 'Go Fund Me' site was created for her.  I donated money but wished I could do more, and couldn't get it out of my head.  Then, while driving to work, I had another sudden 'explosion' of light...less intense than the first, but the meaning was just as clear.  That is how this website came to be.  I could help people by sharing the insight and answers I received during my epiphany, while at the same time, raising money to help others in need.  So...here we are.

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