All of Bring Meaning to Life's projects and contributions will focus on 'lifting' and helping others.  Our monetary donations have included St Jude Children's Hospital, Jodi B-W, and Laura Moscato Spedaliere through their Gofundme sites; as well as Nils Nilsson Foundation and Brandon Petronzi Fund to help fight muscular dystrophy.  Please always send healing thoughts to anyone battling illness.  

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In addition, Bring Meaning to Life also donates food, toys & clothing to the needy, and currently provides free Reiki healing and gratitude services for those dealing with illness.  

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We participate in Earth Day and always strive to keep the earth clean and beautiful.  Please continually check our site, as we'll be updating you with more projects as they come. We also hope to start regular interactive discussions via social media to offset negative propaganda and help spread happiness and positive energy throughout the planet.  

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We've volunteered to help with project self sufficiency, and have donated to, and adopted from, Eleventh Hour Rescue.  

Animals need love too! :) 

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Another of Bring Meaning to Life's goals are to bring happiness and love to abused and neglected children, and we'll always continue striving to bring positive change to the world.