All of Bring Meaning to Life's projects will focus on 'lifting' and helping others.  Our first monetary donation will go to Laura Moscado Spedaliere, who's battling breast cancer.  She's literally in the fight of her life...In addition to losing her breasts and hair, she's also lost her job, her house, and her health insurance.  Please send her healing thoughts and prayers and/or consider making a donation directly to her...find her on Gofundme.



In addition to supporting families fighting cancer, Bring Meaning to Life also intends to bring hope, food & clothing to the homeless, as well as bring love to abused and neglected children.  All in all, Bring Meaning to Life hopes to bring change to the world.

Our ongoing projects are dedicated to, and focused on, not only making those dealing with hardships better, but also can improve your life via our inspirational chapters and lessons.  Please consider a small purchase today.

 Currently, we provide free Reiki healing and gratitude coaching services for those dealing with illness and/or depression.  We've also volunteered to help with project self sufficiency.  We participate in earth day and always strive to keep the earth clean and beautiful. BMTL makes regular clothing and and other necessary item donations.  Please continually check our site, as we'll be updating you with more projects as they come.