Bring Meaning to Life (BMTL) is a 'pay it forward' organization that will continuously donate money, time, toys, clothing, etc. to people in need.   We know the more we give, the more we receive.  So by helping others and spreading love, the more it comes back to us.  So, not only will a small purchase improve your life, but also someone else's...and the entire world.  Be part of the change, today!

It's time to make a difference! 

Unfortunately, this world has become a 'darker' place.  A lot of us have lost sight of what truly matters, and why we are here.  This site will not only give you the answer to 'the meaning of life', but will also guide you on how to improve your life.  It will 'exercise' your soul and re-mind you of you of what you already know deep inside.  We'll provide meaningful lessons and specific tips, that will start you on the path to transforming your world, today! 

Our Mission  


Our ultimate goal is to make this world a better place.  Emotions and feelings radiate...there's a 'domino' effect, and we want you to be part of the chain! By helping you, we help ourselves, and others.  So, our focus is on improving lives. 

BRING MEANING TO LIFE is dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives...and making the world a better place.

Jeff G. - I love the site. I mean, I REALLY love it, especially the content since it has a lot of current meaning to me regarding finding happiness.

What We've Achieved

Although Bring Meaning to Life is a brand new creation, in 'the blink of an eye', it has already achieved manifesting a thought into a vision, and a vision into a website.  It will continue to evolve, create, and manifest dreams into reality!  

Start achieving your dreams, today!  Once the seed is planted, with a little love, a flower grows.  Plant the seed today, and watch beauty sprout up all around you!