Bring Meaning to Life (BMTL) strives to spread love and improve quality of life for people in need…for the greater good of humanity. We raise money by selling products on our site, so we can give to others. We donate money, time, toys, clothing, etc. to people in need.   The more we give, the more we receive.   With a small donation, you’ll receive a beautiful piece of jewelry you can wear to show your love and gratitude for your life. So your donation increases your happiness and the happiness of someone in need. We hope to start a wave of love around the world. Be part of the change, today!

It's time to make a difference! 

Unfortunately, the people ‘running’ the news and television want to focus more on negative propaganda (lies and fear), instead of Love and Truth, and what is most important in life (which is helping others). Some people who have lost their way have been influenced by power and greed.  There is a lot more ‘good’ than ‘bad’ that goes on in the world than we are ‘shown’ on TV. We are here to shed Truth and Light on the world, to raise your spirit and lift your soul, to re-mind you of what you already know deep inside.  Love is all that matters. Love is everything. We are all connected and we rise by lifting others. Let’s start an unbreakable chain of Love throughout the entire planet! :) <3 

Our Mission  


Our focus is on improving lives by spreading love and happiness for the greater good of humanity. Ultimately, our goal is to

make the world a better place and Bring Heaven to earth :)

BRING MEANING TO LIFE is dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives...and making the world a better place.

Jeff G. - I love the site. I mean, I REALLY love it, especially the content since it has a lot of current meaning to me regarding finding happiness.

What We've Achieved

Although Bring Meaning to Life is a brand new creation, in 'the blink of an eye', it has already achieved manifesting a thought into a vision, and a vision into a website.  It will continue to evolve, create, and manifest dreams into reality!  

Start achieving your dreams, today!  Once the seed is planted, with a little love, a flower grows.  Plant the seed today, and watch beauty sprout up all around you!